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We are getting closer to launching our website and starting our international network of Entrepreneur Clubs.  If you are interested in either joining or starting your own chapter - please contact us ASAP.  School clubs and corporate clubs are welcome to inquire as well as independent groups, meet-ups, incubators and cooperative workspaces. 

Be sure to contact us ASAP if you are interested in becoming a club coach or mentor.

Michael D. Ratner

Founder & Executive Director


"What is the T.I.E of your life?  What is your Time, Interest and Energy focused on becoming?"

O: 518-282-4800 | M: 310-428-9784

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Michael Ratner (aka MIKE RICH) has been a long time notable consultant in both media and the motivation industry.  He is the Editor-in-Chief of the US News Bureau and most recently relocated his family back from Shanghai to New York state after four years traveling back and forth. He produced a Goals Mastery program with Brian Tracy and is host of the Success Talk Show.  Mike formerly was Anthony Robbins national media manager, a position he held for 7 years.  He started his career publishing a newsletter for radio program directors before doing seminar promotions and starting his Success Club, the forerunner to the Entrepreneur Clubs International network that he is now building out.

*Mark Cuban

   Entrepreneur Clubs Advisor

"It doesn't matter how many times you fail. You only have to be right once and then everyone can tell you that you are an overnight success."


Notable Side Facts:  Mike used to be the host of the "New You" show on KEST-AM in San Francisco that the New York Times described as the first motivation talk show on radio. He is also credited for being an early adaptor and program innovator for Alternative Radio and New Age music years before they became commercial format standards.

Since the age of 12, Mark has been an entrepreneur. Selling garbage bags door to door, the seed was planted early on for what would eventually become long-term success. After graduating from Indiana University - where he briefly owned the most popular bar in town - Mark moved to Dallas. After a dispute with an employer who wanted him to clean instead of closing an important sale, Mark created MicroSolutions, a computer consulting service. He went on to sell MicroSolutions in 1990 to CompuServe. In 1995, Mark and long-time friend Todd Wagner came up with an internet based solution to not being able to listen to Hoosiers games out in Texas. That solution was - streaming audio over the internet. In just four short years, (then Audionet) would be sold to Yahoo for $5.6 billion dollars. In addition to the Mavs, Mark is chairman and CEO of AXS tv, one of ABC's "Sharks" on the hit show Shark Tank, and an investor in an ever-growing portfolio of businesses. He lives in Dallas with wife Tiffany, daughters Alexis and Alyssa, and son Jake.

Fun Side Facts:   Mark Cuban is a notably successful entrepreneur and investor known, in part, from his role on the hit ABC show, Shark Tank. Since his acquisition of the Dallas Mavericks in 2000, he has overseen the Mavs competing in the NBA Finals for the first time in franchise history in 2006 - and becoming NBA World Champions in 2011. They are currently listed as one of Forbes' most valuable sports franchises.

Debbi Fields

Entrepreneur Clubs Advisor​


"The important thing is not being afraid to take a chance. Remember, the greatest failure is to not try. Once you find something you love to do, be the best at doing it."

It was all about taking control of her life. So Debbi Fields, a young mother with no business experience, opened her first cookie store in Palo Alto, California in 1977. They told her she was crazy. No business could survive just selling cookies. Humble beginnings launched Mrs. Fields® into a worldwide celebrity and made her company the premier chain of cookie and baked goods stores. To extend her vision, Mrs. Fields® began franchising in 1990... It's now the rarest of franchise opportunities.

Mike Filsaime

EClubs Mentor/Coach


Headstrong determination. A dynamic personality. A sincere concern for people. They all played a role in Debbi Fields' success. But quality, more than anything, accounts for Mrs. Fields® ' worldwide acceptance. The mission has always been to create the highest quality product possible - every time. That commitment has yielded products like no others, that consumers just can't get enough of.

O: 570-822-6277 |


F: 123-456-7890

George Foreman

Knockout Entrepreneur


“The best entrepreneurs have found a way to serve others and as a result discover their greatest fulfillment.” 

Mike Filsaime is an Online Entrepreneur and has been described as the “Michael Jordan of Internet Marketing” because of the expertise and knowledge he has shared over the years as an educator of innovative and cutting edge strategies. Mike is also an author, software developer, renowned speaker, and business consultant and runs one of the best and largest Closed-Door MasterMinds in Internet Marketing.

George Foreman is an unlikely hero in business or sports. As former heavyweight champion of the world, Foreman returned to professional boxing after a ten-year retirement with the idea of regaining his lost crown. In doing so, "he also dealt a crashing blow to conventional wisdom which insisted that middle-aged men had no business pursuing world heavyweight (titles) and instead ought to play with their grandchildren," noted Ebony's Hans J. Massaquoi. Foreman also spent over a decade promoting Meineke Car Care Centers and grew the business to over 1000 franchises. He has now successfully launched a line of environmentally safe cleaning products, exclusive line of personal care products, a prescription shoe for diabetics to prevent amputations, a restaurant franchise called UFood Grille, 10 books, and the list continues to build.

Since the early 1990s, Foreman had found his talent for salesmanship, and by the end of the decade, he was making millions and millions off of his appearances in infomercials being his personable self marketing the George Foreman Lean Mean Grilling Machine. To date, more than 100 million of the units have been sold internationally.

Arianna Huffington

E-Clubs Advisor


President and Editor in Chief
AOL Huffington Post Media Group

As co-founder and editor-in-chief of the Pulitzer-Prize winning Huffington Post, nationally syndicated columnist, radio host, and author of 14 books, what is Arianna Huffington's advice on productivity? Get more sleep. In recent years she has created a separate niche for herself on the personal and spiritual well-being circuit. Her latest accomplishment is a bestselling book "Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder." She sold HuffPo to AOL three years ago for more than $300 million after originally launching in 2005. Arianna travels and speaks regularly to groups worldwide.

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Become an E Coach o



Become an E Coach o


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