Frequently Asked Questions


Are you the next Mark Zuckerberg?  Are you looking for ideas or to have your startup idea heard?  Do you want access to resources, top VCs and other entrepreneurs? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then apply to join our club!






Is membership only for start-ups or established entrepreneurs?

The club welcomes every type of endeavor and the focus is balanced on all stages from idea generation to product launch to exit strategies. Membership can help you ride through the changes and challenges faced by all entrepreneurs during different times. Our more experienced members and senior advisors will often share how they conceived their best idea, and how they were able to decide that the time was ripe for implementation. We also explore the teaming aspect of launching a company, more specifically the selection process for business partners and the allocation of responsibilities and equity. Finally we encourage each other to share ideas and thoughts on living the entreprenuer life particularly how to engage key hurdles separating idea phase and product launch, and how to overcome those.




What about if I am still in school?

We are all students of life but starting early is an advantage.  We think starting a company while still in school is a great idea.  As a member you can get firsthand experience from founders who started companies while they were students. They will tackle issues such as: finding cofounders and technical talent, utilizing school resources, deciding whether to start now or wait till after graduation, and balancing school and starting a company.  We also encourage you to start an Entrepreneur Club chapter if there is not already one.




Can membership help connect me to investors?

The club encompasses a wide network of resources and experts.  We can help you learn how to raise capital for early stage or seed stage companies.  We understand your needs and have the means to help you tap in. The number one issue for most founders and startups is how to raise capital to launch and sustain their companies prior to generating enough profits for self-funded growth. Join our club and discover what the resources, opportunities and pitfalls founders should consider when navigating the process of fund-raising.



Is the Entrepreneurs Club today just about building another app?

The purpose of the club is to explore the true meaning of entrepreneurship and the motivations that go into the decision of becoming an entrepreneur or founding a new venture. Today, it seems many entrepreneurs are building companies that add incremental value with the purpose of reaching a quick exit. Many of our webinars delve into the merits of the various forms of entrepreneurship and motivations of their founders.



I have a day job, can I bring the Entrepreneur Club to my Company?

The old adage is that entrepreneurship is not possible within large organizations but that is not true, we just call it Intrapreneurship. Entrepreneurship is not only two guys in a garage somewhere. It is also alive and disruptive within large organizations, and we have the means to help you out. Bring our club into your world to discover the challenges and skillset required to create an innovative change within large organizations.