I would like to welcome you to the new Entrepreneur Clubs International website where our faculty, mentors, advisors and staff are committed to providing our members with outstanding help, resources, networking and education in a dynamic and community-centered environment with an emphasis on applied as well as global economic opportunities.


Our group is in formation and we are establishing a Strategic Plan with the active participation of new members, area chapter formation and a top level advisory board. Our advisory board members are a dedicated and committed group of professionals whose success and prior experiences speak for themselves.  We appreciate all intellectual and financial contributions to help our club network grow, get established to move forward towards a bright future for the clubs.


The club organization intends to offer access to experts, courses and informational programs in Accounting, Economics, and Business Administration with a particular focus in Start-up, Self Management, Global Business, Funding and Finance, Exit Strategies, Human Resource Management, and Marketing along with much more.


Designed specifically for the entrepreneur, the core focus in both personal development and business growth.  Membership helps you create the future you want for your business and for yourself.  Membership provides a unique opportunity for you to examine the day-to-day demands of running your business. Your outcome would be to become an active member, participate in our forums and attened events.  Take advantage of networking opportunities, talk to mentors and study materials and resources club membership gives you access to so that you can create a complete, comprehensive and robust strategy for your business and an ideal plan for your future. 


-- Michael Ratner (MIKE RICH)



The benefits you achieve from membership and your experience within the club will depend on your particular situation. Typical benefits that past participants have achieved: 

  • Faster and more managed growth

  • A more valuable business

  • A robust and rigorous plan

  • More confidence, more focus, more energy

  • Meet investors

  • An exit plan

  • Access to more resources and ideas

  • Improved profitability

  • Greater clarity over their personal goals and drivers

  • More effective leadership and improved management skills

  • Greater confidence in the future

  • Less stress, more time off and more fun!



The purpose of joining the club is centered entirely on the reality of your business – engaging your current challenges, your opportunities, your future goals and ambitions. Because of this, the benefits you gain will be unique to you. 

Businesses which participate in the club can take advantage of resources and networks to grow sales and profit more quickly than their peers and grow faster in many ways than they did before. 


Benefits of Joining our Club:

  • Membership is part of a journey, not the final destination. If you appreciate the challenges and opportunities that come with being an entrepreneur, you’ll value what you learn from your fellow Club members and mentors.

  • Club groups are facilitated only by experienced mentors, who are all expert in getting the most out of the people they work with. In every case they have run or are running their own businesses.

  • The business issues that are key to you can be addressed as they happen, and tracked and monitored as they unfold.

  • You own the solution to your own issues. You get the benefit of fantastic advice and support.

  • As one member memorably put it, you get effectively the benefit of a roomful of non-execs on your board, but at a fraction of the price.

  • You can attend both annual group meetings and one-to-one sessions with top mentors

  • You maintain a link with the network centered around the Entrepreneur Clubs. That amounts to many-many years' worth of expertise at your disposal.

  • All Club members are automatically given unrestricted access to business data, market research and financial networks plus other resources just for members found online.

  • You can cease to be a member whenever you wish. There are no restrictive conditions.

  • We are significantly a great value, as is attested by our continuing growth and our loyal membership!  Membership has it's advantages!

                                                                     JOIN US!