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We are a few short weeks away from our official launch this fall and we invite you become one of our founding members. You will receive many perks and benefits plus you will always be regarded (and remembered) as one of our founding members!   How much better does it get than that?  We need and look forward to your contribution towards our kick-off.  Thank you!

Of Note and Interest...

Let us know when you want to start a

Entrepreneur chapter at your school.

We attended IBM SmartCamp in Cambridge // Click Here

IBM has a deep commitment to the entrepreneurial community. Since launching the IBM Global Entrepreneur program, they have helped launch hundreds of businesses. As a club we offer a variety of ways for entrepreneurs to grow their business and we were pleased to see IBM giving access to leading experts and technology, and ultimately its a win/win for everyone.  SmartCamps also judge the best startups around the globe, rewarding the winners with mentoring, services, access to industry experts and deeper partnership opportunities from IBM, industry partners and venture capital firms.

Be a part of the excitement.  Register to attend one of their FREE SmartCamps.

FOUNDERS CIRCLE // Team takes on mentor search

We are in the process of getting the Entrepreneurs Mentor Network together and need help in finding qualified experienced professionals who would be interested in supporting new members with their business needs and requests as they join.

This is a great opportunity to interact with both an inspiring membership base and top business leaders.  We are looking for company innovators and service providers to lend their expertise. You can use this opportunity to reach out in your community space and network for us.  If you have any suggestions or can refer someone please email us at Info @  


If you are interested in becoming an EC mentor please contact us and give us some background information on yourself and your areas of expertise.  Thanks!

College Club Chapters // All School Meet Up ​ 

Starting a College Entrepreneur Club: Gauge Interest & Generate Support

Any successful on-campus initiative needs support from the inside out. We are here to help and suggest you start internally and gather a network of faculty with entrepreneurial experience that can be your advisers.  You don't need to have a business department to find this faculty support. Look closely in your course catalog for courses in economics, finance, and accounting, and keep an ear out for professors that have come from other career paths.  Email all of the professors that teach in those areas, send them a prospectus of what you want to do, and then see if you can try to recruit advisors. Bringing the faculty and administration into the equation is important, because "the faculty can act as liaisons." Additionally, these courses and professors can provide a foundation for eventually implementing entrepreneurship into your curriculum. View our Sept 25th webinar!

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